Welcome to the 31 days of Guided Mindfulness Practice

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Congratulations for loving yourself enough to gift yourself the time to meet the most important person in your life -your inner child and your shadow self!

- Nivedita Ganapathi (Personal Transformation Coach)

The Main Purpose

The main purpose: is to stay present to the tasks without escaping to the past or projecting into the future. It is going to be a very simple and yet profound experience. We are setting out to meet our best friend and our worst enemy - our shadow self which has been driving us from our subconscious.

Remember that until we make our subconscious conscious, it will drive us, and we will call it fate. So let us take the first step to move from auto-pilot to taking charge of our life. Let us find out the programs operating in our subconscious and decide which ones to keep and which ones to replace.

While it is important to learn about things intellectually, nothing can replace the actual practice of mindfulness. And while some of the things I will lead you through may seem familiar or even very simple, the fact is we just don’t practice mindfulness on our own. I can promise you that your awareness will expand beyond your imagination after this month-long practice.

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The Tasks

You will receive a task every day that will ask you to become aware of some aspect of your life - either at the body, mind, or intellect level.

It could be as simple as taking a nature walk and being guided to notice certain things. I may ask you to watch something on TV and guide you to note your thoughts on certain things.

It will force you to bring awareness to your body, your breath, your thoughts, your beliefs, your possessions, your relationships, etc.

You have 24 hours to post “done” or a checkmark in your journal when you complete your task.

Please have a new journal/notebook dedicated to this practice. Please try your best to make an entry every day - even if it is one word that comes to mind before you close out the day. You will be surprised how these dots will connect to reveal the big picture later. I will share a short audio chant periodically to help you anchor your practice.

Activity / Task To Expand Awareness

Every day I will post activities to expand awareness. These will be simple tasks but the challenge will lie in challenging yourself to stay in the present moment and not escape to the past or the future!

You will have only 24 hrs to complete the day’s task. You will be required to journal every day- you will have a clear X-RAY into your mental world at the end of this month-long practice.

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Time and Busy Schedule

Buddha said that everyone should meditate 30 minutes a day, but if you are very busy, then you should meditate for 1 hour every day! What he meant to say was that when we feel stressed and running out of time do we really need meditation! So we cannot wait for a calm time to start our meditation practice!

The Rules are Simple

There will be no daily meeting in person or via zoom

Every day you will be asked to become aware of some aspect of your life- either at the body/mind/intellect level

You will have to get a new journal for this practice and make daily entries in it. You will journal your observations about the task for each day. It is a good idea to leave some blank pages after each day's entry to add any insights that you may get later.

Once you complete your awareness task, you will add done in your journal at the end of each day

Listen to the short chant accompaying the day's task to anchor your spiritual practice

This journal will be your BASELINE for all future spiritual growth! Frequently refer to this journal to track your progress.

Let's make 2021 more a year for the LAW OF ACTION rather than THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

This may be the MOST IMPORTANT GIFT you can give yourself this year!

I can’t wait to meet the NEW YOU on the other side of this profoundly transformative experience!!!

If you are interested to take your personal transformation to a different level, join me on this journey of 31 days to a 31,000 ft view. Much Love and Light!!!

About Me

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Nivedita Ganapathi is a personal Transformation coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual seeker.

She is eminently qualified with a Masters degree in law from Harvard University and a Masters in High Tech law from Santa Clara University. However, she gave up a lucrative law practice to follow her calling to become a motivational speaker and personal coach.

As a self-awareness coach, Nivedita has transformed many lives by educating and inspiring people on how to jumpstart their personal transformation and live a purposeful life.

Nivedita has conducted many mindfulness practices at major universities like Stanford, University of California Santa Cruz, and facilitated conscious leadership programs at corporates like Oracle, LinkedIn, and many other organizations.

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I am confident that you will love this program, which will help you in your personal transformation. However, for any reason, if you are not fully satisfied, we will be happy to give you a 100 % refund. Just send an email.

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