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Full Day Retreat- Release & Recreate

by Nivedita Ganapati

May 22 Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Venue- Palo Alto, CA

Are you OVERTHINKING your life? You have to transcend overthinking to access higher dimensions of power and download cosmic guidance and support. This FULL DAY retreat packs many of the potent tools that our clients take 8 weeks to learn. And with the IN-PERSON GROUP ENERGY, you will release decades worth of negative energy and plant the seeds for an unstoppable you!

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Release negative thoughts and energy

Unplug from the stress of a high-pressure environment and restore an inner sense of ease and wellbeing.

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Your Time to Shine

Discover the part of you that is untouched by stress, the part that is whole, healthy, and complete.

Create your vision of reality

Through interactive activities, guided meditative practices, and fun interactions get inspired and increase your faith in your ability to recreate your life.

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This fee includes:

Full-day Retreat

Individual Aura Cleansing Kit

Activated Chakra Bracelet

Raffle Prize

Group Tarot Reading

Lunch and Refreshments

Schedule for May 22nd Retreat- 11 AM to 5 30 PM in Palo Alto, CA

Meet and greet

Aura Cleansing

Goal Setting

Motivational Talk

Group Activity

Tea Break/Q&A

Release Negative Energy


Self-mastery Tools

Group Tarot


Takeaways and Q & A


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About Nivedita Ganapathi

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Nivedita Ganapathi is a personal Transformation coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual seeker.

She is eminently qualified with a Master's degree in law from Harvard University and a Master's degree in High Tech law from Santa Clara University. However, she gave up a lucrative law practice to follow her calling to become a motivational speaker and personal coach.

As a self-awareness coach, Nivedita has transformed many lives by educating and inspiring people on how to jumpstart their personal transformation and live purposeful lives.

Nivedita has conducted many mindfulness practices at major universities like Stanford, University of California Santa Cruz, and facilitated conscious leadership programs at corporates like Oracle, LinkedIn, and many other organizations.

Here’s what others have to say about Nivedita Ganapathi

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Book a Full-Day MPM Retreat Today

No matter how much we have adapted to learning and connecting through zoom, nothing can replace the energetic experience of an in-person retreat. The magic of in-person retreats is at a different level altogether. Sign up for a powerful and magical in-person retreat that will create an unforgettable experience!



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