Change the way you look at personal power!

Hanuman Workshop

(Mind Mastery)

The divine thrust inherent in the human psyche enables us to attain greater heights of evolution.

SRI HANUMANJI UPASANA is aimed to inspire us to shake off our human frailties and discover our divine potential.

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Here is what we will learn in this course

In the course of these 7 sessions, we will decode the 8 verses of the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtakam, the 12 names of Hanuman, and other mantras and slokas to understand the deep knowledge and wisdom to overcome challenges.

Checklist of Practical Qualities to deal with life’s challenges

Hero’s Journey : Even if your life is fairly pleasant, we will learn to invoke the mighty power within us to transcend our own limitations.

We will learn how to deal with tough Karmas.

We will understand how our body, mind, and intellect interact and how to make it work for us.

Most importantly we will learn how to remove negative thoughts and substitute it with positive thoughts.

We will learn very short yet powerful mantras (instead of reciting the entire 43 verses Chalisa) to invoke the power and blessings of mighty Hanumanji to tackle daily challenges.

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Dear Beautiful People,

Hope all of you are doing well and regularly investing time and energy in your personal growth amidst all your other calls of duty!

I am finally ready to share all the downloads I have been receiving over the last year on Lord Hanuman.

Many of you have been with me from the start when I first talked about a modern interpretation of Hanuman Chalisa in March of 2020. Since then, I have been guided to many other pieces of information about Lord Hanuman through my meditations and reflections that will absolutely change the way you look at personal power!

The spiritual masters of all ages have asserted that human beings have the unique capacity to master the mind and thus learn to enjoy tranquility which translates to happiness. We have within ourselves all the resources, abilities, energy, and power for creating happy and successful lives not just for ourselves but for others around us also. If we can discover the great potential within us, and if we can learn to order our behavior so as to nurture and nourish that potential, we can go from human to Hanuman! The Hanuman archetype offers us tremendous spiritual and psychological knowledge to gain mastery over our lives.

Here is a brief overview of the 7 SESSIONS!

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These 7 sessions will start you on the path of MIND MASTERY. How you will cultivate this mastery over your mind will be addressed in the following 7 sessions. I hope you feel the call of Hanumanji as clearly as I do and take that leap of faith to connect with the wisest, bravest, and mightiest HERO of all ages!

Jai Shri Ram! Jai Hanuman!


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What is the Hanuman archetype and how it can help to control our mind, ego, fear, etc.?

Why should we choose the Hanuman archetype from the other archetypes?

What is the psychological significance of the Hanuman archetype?

What is the significance of Tuesday & Saturday in the Hanuman archetype?

Significance of Hanuman Jayanti (Hanuman's birthday)

Group Chanting

Q & A

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Understand and learn the 12 names of Hanuman

Understand the formula for self-mastery contained in these 12 names

Group Chanting

Q & A

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Learn why there are 8 verses in the Sankata Mochana

Understand how the 8 verses of the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtakam provide an insight into the source of our problems and their solutions

Group chanting of the Sankata Mochana to actively invoke the powers and blessings of the Remover of Obstacles

Group chanting

Q & A

Still, Thinking?

If you are wondering whether this workshop is for you, consider the following attributes of Hanumanji and reflect if you would like to inculcate some of these traits in yourself.

Lord Hanuman is the greatest bhakta (devotee) of Lord Ram (the Supreme Consciousness).

He is one of the seven Chiranjeevis (immortals) in this world.

He is the very embodiment of incomparable strength and wisdom.

He has never failed at achieving his goals no matter how impossible they may seem.

He has never failed those who have called him for help.

The time has come for us to access the secrets of our Aaradhyaa (the object of our worship). Just as Lord Hanuman can merge into his Lord, Sri Ram, we too can try (with the blessings of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman), to merge into the archetype of Hanumanji.

This workshop is called SRI HANUMANJI UPASANA which literally means sitting close to the ideals that make up the archetype of Hanumanji in an attempt to cultivate it to the best of our ability. This does not mean we will become like Hanumanji after 7 weeks, but if we shoot for the moon, even if we miss it, we can land among the stars!

Change the way you look at Personal Power!

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With the grace and blessings of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman, I humbly look forward to this monumental journey with those committed to personal growth!

Wishing you much love and light!

Nivedita Ganapathi

(In Divine Service)

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About Me

Nivedita Ganapathi is a personal Transformation coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual seeker.

As a self-awareness coach, Nivedita has transformed many lives by educating and inspiring people on how to jumpstart their personal transformation and live purposeful lives.

Nivedita has conducted many mindfulness practices at major universities like Stanford, University of California Santa Cruz, and facilitated conscious leadership programs at corporates like Oracle, Linked In, and many other organizations.


I am confident that you will love this program and this will help you in your personal transformation.

However for any reason, if you are not fully satisfied we will be happy to give you

100 % refund.

During the course of 7 sessions (one hour of an online session, once a week), I will demystify stories of Hanumanji, mantras, shlokas, ashtakam, and many other interesting information connected with Hanumanji. I will lead you through chantings in each of the 7 sessions in addition to the explanations of the deep secrets hidden in these shlokas, mantras, etc.

If you listen to these stories with an open mind, dwell on their significance and commit to incorporate these psychological formulas into your daily life, I promise you that you will never be the same again!

Jai Shri Ram! Jai Hanuman!



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