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Please allow me to show you how to tap into your inner wisdom and discover your greatest guidance regarding your work, finances, and relationships.

- Nivedita Ganapathi (Personal Transformation Coach)

Why Should you take this workshop?

Cultivating your INTUITION could lift you to new heights of inspiration as direct lines to higher knowledge and guidance open up for you.

By tuning in to your most subtle thoughts and feelings, you can make a strong connection to your life's purpose, especially as it relates to your work, money, and relationships.

There is deep and profound wisdom just waiting to guide you if only you would ask!

Imagine being able to talk to a higher power or whatever you wish to call this force or belief.- to communicate your every wish, thought, query and desire and to hear an answer, clear as day?

The Universe is constantly guiding you in your everyday life, leading you to the people, places, and things that will help you heal your life in amazing ways. Open your eyes and heart to the world of intuitive guidance.


Cultivate your intuition. Learn how to plug in, connect with the Universe, connect with your wisdom, and connect with your guides to get answers to your small and big questions!

ENERGY EXCHANGE: $108 (Sangha members will get 20%discount)

About Me

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Nivedita Ganapathi is a personal Transformation coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual seeker.

She is eminently qualified with a Masters's degree in law from Harvard University and a Masters's in High Tech law from Santa Clara University. However, she gave up a lucrative law practice to follow her calling to become a motivational speaker and personal coach.

As a self-awareness coach, Nivedita has transformed many lives by educating and inspiring people on how to jumpstart their personal transformation and live purposeful lives.

Nivedita has conducted many mindfulness practices at major universities like Stanford, University of California Santa Cruz, and facilitated conscious leadership programs at corporates like Oracle, LinkedIn, and many other organizations.

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I am confident that you will love this program, which will help you in your personal transformation. However, for any reason, if you are not fully satisfied, we will be happy to give you a 100 % refund. Just send an email.

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